Episode 3 – The Details w/ Jess Nevins

Our third episode welcomes comics scholar and pulp/victoriana master Jess Nevins to the show to talk about the details in comics. Which really boils down to Jess talking about things like the Golden Age Black Widow, Six Gun Gorilla, and what it’s like having Alan Moore as a friend.

The Rundown:

  • This Week’s Guest: If you want to find out more about Jess Nevins’ work, check out his website here, and his collected comic book annotations here. Also, check out Jess’s stuff on Amazon
  • KRS One is writing a hip hop bible. Will you be a member of the new civilization? Thanks to KingOblivionPhD at the ISS for the heads up to our new world order.
  • As if you need any more talk about Arkham Asylum, you get it.
  • Seriously, you should check out issue 570 of The Fantastic Four, where Jonathan Hickman takes the writing helm. Read some of Chris’s thoughts at the ISB here.
  • Read Andrew Hussie’s epic animated .gif adventures at MS Paint Adventures. Also, check out my interview with Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, over at PYDK Podcast!
  • Check out Naoka Urasawa’s Monster for some great manga (are you happy Curt?!). Buy Volume 1 of Monster now!
  • Correction(s): Thanks again to Gardner Linn for the correction on our Achewood discussion. Check out this strip to see Cartilage Head perform, whom we incorrectly identified as “Death” in last week’s ep. Thanks again, and check out Gardner’s comic Registered Weapon while you’re checking out some great webcomics.
  • Once again, a big thanks to Jamillah Knowles of BBC 5Live’s show, Pods and Blogs, for the great mention and plug on the show and the site.

0 thoughts on “Episode 3 – The Details w/ Jess Nevins”

  1. Jess Nevins was an amazing guest. There’s been a good variety to the guests so far that has me looking forward to future episodes.

  2. MS Paint Adventures is actually created with full audience interaction – readers submit their commands in the forum, and Hussie picks the ones he wants to use for each day’s update.

  3. Also, MSPA isn’t done in MS Paint. The first few panels were, but he moved to (i think) photoshop because it’s not nearly so crummy a program.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Stay tuned for more variety in our guests, we try to spread our net far and wide across the comics spectrum.

    As for Hussie’s MSPA, thanks for all the info. I’m rather late to the game about it, and I’ve been having a good time wasting hours at work discovering it. It’s great stuff, if anyone is reading this who hasn’t tried it out, go to it.

    And Jess Nevins v. John Hodgman would leave the world in ashes. Nerd ashes.

  5. I would defenestrate my own grandmother to listen to Jess Nevins explaining “ALL YOUR BASE” to Alan Moore, and the subsequent amused rumination.

  6. Awesome, much as I was one of those last week who talked about sticking to a discussion skeleton, it was cool just hearing Jess Nevins interviewed (and yeah, I can definitely see how the “topic” was chosen just for his sake anyway 🙂 ). Always knew he was a cool guy from his writing style, but teaching Alan Moore about “All your base are belong to us” is another level of epic coolness.

  7. Thanks guys. Great interview with Hussie, btw.

    Glad you eased up on us this week, Vinny. 😉

    They should make tshirts that say “Jess Nevins Taught Me What All Your Base Are Belong To Us Means”

    And like I said, in ‘Merica, we read left to right. These colors do not run.

  8. meh. sticking to the topic is lame. i think the best bits are when you let yourselves just kinda go with it. All three of these have been a amazing. Keep it up, and ill see the War Rocket in two weeks!

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  10. I hate podcasts. A handful of internet nerds chattering away about various corners of geeky fandoms. Not unlike squirrels discussing the quality of acorns this year. And yet… I really like War Rocket Ajax so far. I’ve actually listened to all three so far. I can barely stomach five minutes of most podcasts. (Even though the musical interludes annoy me like all podcast music bits do.)

    Bravo boys. Now get me some monkey justice: http://strangefour.deviantart.com/art/Six-Gun-Gorilla-135689202

  11. Thank you? But seriously, I MAKE podcasts, and to be honest, I am not a fan of a LOT of podcasts out there. It means a lot that people are jiving with our idea.

    And JSG, does this mean I have to start watching ANIME TOO? God, what am I, Asian? Oh wait…I am.

  12. Just started a couple days ago to download and listen the podcasts, and you guys are doing a great job. I’ve heard the four first chapters and this one is my favorite. I knew of Nevins work from some ISB posts, but now I really really want those annotations on TLoEG.
    Great, great show.

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