Break’s Over — Lotsa News


We’re back from our break (“we” meaning “me”) and ready to launch the War Rocket back into regular schedule. For now, might I refer you to our archives on iTunes or URL? Check out the first 3 episodes and let Matt Fraction, Caitlin Kittredge, and Jess Nevins blow your mind with awesomeness.

Colleen Coover joins us for Episode 4, and that episode will post next Monday, as the show will go back on a week to week basis after that, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Stick around to the blog this week to see who our next guest will be, as we’re recording Episode 5 this week.

Speaking of the blog, we’re considering bringing in a couple of bloggers to put regular content on the blog, some related to comics, some related to other pop cultural areas (movies, television, video games, genre literature, etc.).  If you are a regular reader of this blog, consider this post to be the floor open to discussion about what kind of a site you’d read, or wouldn’t read. But please leave comments, as it would help us get an idea of how many regular readers we have on the site.


Are you planning on being at the Small Press Expo this September 26-27 in Bethesda, MD? If so, I’m going to be running around recording audio snippets with any and everyone who’ll talk to me in an effort to cobble together an SPX podcast episode. I know a bunch of our friends will be there, and those jerks from Let’s Be Friends Again.

Very simple, if you and your comic/company want to be featured on War Rocket Ajax, please email the show at WarRocketPodcast[at] to make sure I know to look for you and grab a quickie interview with you to go up in our episode. If you’re just going to be attending, please feel free to say hi and record a quick snippet for the show too!

Also, seriously. Give it up to Rusty Shackles for the weekly art the guy is hammering out for us. He’s the man.

Enjoy the short week. We’re going to keep bringing it soon enough.

0 thoughts on “Break’s Over — Lotsa News”

  1. I’ve been listening to and reading War Rocket Ajax all the way back since the very beginning. I’m not even lying.

    I will not be at SPX.

    Also, I would like to see more cheer battles.

  2. What I wouldn’t want is this site to become just a review of new comics… There are already newsarama and the DC blog, etc. for such info.

  3. I’ve been down since day one, and been reading The ISB since it was on blogspot.. SO yeah, I’d call myself a regular.
    I would tell you what i’d like from the site… but you guys are doing just fine as it is.

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