Rusty Has Too Much Time


Rusty went back and did art for Episode 1 with Matt Fraction. What’s that you say? You haven’t listened to Episode 1 yet? Go now! It was a simpler time back then. Also, click on the above pic for full size art by Rusty.

Colleen Coover is the guest next Monday. And remember how I said we were recording with our next guest this week? We bumped it to next week so our news and talk wouldn’t be completely out of date again. Check out Episode 4 on Monday to see who that guest will be.

4 thoughts on “Rusty Has Too Much Time”

  1. Ah the circle is complete! A Table Top Fighter in every pot. I should probably go ahead and do the LBFA guys and at the very least have them in the background considering they’re always there lurking in the dark…waiting to strike.

  2. The more of these versus art I see, the more I think that it’s a secret project to make a MVC 2 style fighting game based on people who love comics.

    And that Chris Sims has already programmed his character to be a lethal mixture of Zangief and Mexican luchadores.

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