Episode 4 – All Ages w/ Colleen Coover

We’re back from our Labor Day break with artist and writer, Colleen Coover. Our topic is “All Ages,” as we talk to Colleen about writing for both younger and older audiences, ranging from the younger themed Banana Sunday to her more adult-oriented title Small Favors. We also talk about how our habits of comic buying and reading have changed since childhood, and have a long, detailed discussion about what it’s like working for Marvel, the distinctive traits of a monkey, and the concept of new jack swing. Also, a special guest stops by to address a hater.

The Rundown:

  • This Week’s Guest: If you want to find out more about Colleen Coover’s work, please go to her website here. Also, check out her books on Amazon.. We also cut out some discussion of it, but I highly recommend you read Colleen’s story, The Boogeyman, in the collection paperback, Sexy Chix. It is a gorgeously drawn and emotionally beautiful story, and is one of my favorites.
  • Also be sure to check out Matt Wilson’s hilarious work at the great website, The International Society of Supervillains here.
  • Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 is now available to actually, y’know, buy. Download it now.
  • For reference: new jack swing.
  • Please check out Tom Katers’ awesome podcast, Tom vs. The Flash here. Thanks for the mention, and congrats on the wedding, Tom!
  • Check out the comics podcast, Awesomed by Comics here. Evie, we’ll work on shoving in that Tony! Toni! Tone! reference, I promise.
  • To the Haters: Hey The Yellow Dart, big ups! Hey Chris’s hater, big ups!
  • Also, please check out Chris and me on Episode 96 of Television Zombies, where we talk about Anita Blake! Thanks again to Chris Piers for the invite.

0 thoughts on “Episode 4 – All Ages w/ Colleen Coover”

  1. I second the notion of Colleen’s adorableness.

    What up Hollenhors. Keep the questions coming.

    And thehorseman, you’re in for a treat. Especially since we went overtime with Matt Wilson in the 3rd chair. So you got an 80 min ep this week.

  2. Oh hey wow, thanks for the plug studs, and if you get a Tony Toni Tone reference into every episode from here on out I will send you lots of no loot. (And actually, Awesomed By Comics isn’t that new, but if it’s new to people here, then gorgeous).

  3. Best podcast yet, guys. It’s getting much tighter.

    It’s kind of funny hearing CC talk about Banana Sunday right after her discussion of her artistic influences. I was exposed to some of the same 70’s drug culture “comix” stuff that she mentioned (as I’m sure lots of people have been), and my memory of them has always been that structurally, they were a lot like the “funny animal” comics from the fifties (very episodic, little one-page strips interspersed into a feature story split into parts). It makes a weird kind of counterpoint that she uses a more adult “graphic novel” structure to tell what is essentially sort of a “funny animal” story, if you know what I mean.

    Also, the monkey is too skinny to be Deano. Frankie all the way!

    Looking forward to Jeff Parker!

  4. Please bring back Colleen Coover! The podcast was just adorably awesome! I enjoyed from start to the end. I have a suggestion: How about you interview Colleen Coover with Paul Tobin. 🙂

    Anyway, excited for next week’s episode with Jeff Parker. Good job guys!

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