Podcasters Act Like They Don’t Know

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Ahem. Euge here….So let me explain. You all know how much of a hip hop head I am. Sometime in late high school, early college I began rapping at parties as mostly a goof. As college went on, I put together a home studio and recorded some demos and began performing live shows. And then after a long hiatus, I recently started working with some producers to put out some proper music in the form of a hip hop album that is forthcoming.

I was joking with Sims online that I was going to make a “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)” like song about War Rocket Ajax. And this weekend, while I was recording some other tracks and had the equipment set up, I chopped up the instrumental and then wrote out a street anthem to the D.O.A. beat. And after blowing up Sims’s inbox, he convinced me to post this. So here it is.

(Track) or listen:

I’ve already been told by Evie of Awesomed by Comics that the beef is on. So let this also be a challenge to any comics blog/podcast out there that wants to start rap beef with the War Rocket Ajax crew. I will answer, and I have the second instrumental loaded in the chamber. That goes for you too, Jeph Loeb.

Otherwise, all in good fun. HOVA.

9 thoughts on “Podcasters Act Like They Don’t Know”

  1. As I told Eugene, I am not exactly well-versed in the hippity-hoppity music, but I think he’s neato-mosquito! (Kids still say that right?)

    All joking aside it’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat and I can BUG OUT to it.

  2. I just want to confirm that I wasn’t foolin fer nothin–the full answer track is LAID, with a twist. It will go up this weekend. Get ready to eat claw.

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