The Goggles. They Do Nothing


Hey ho. We’ve been busy ’round these parts, so the blog’s been a little slow on the posts. But we still got a new episode coming on Monday, with a roundtable of bros ready to answer your listener email. Make sure you send any and all questions and comments to for our next listener mailbag episode. It was a blast. No topics were off limits!

For now, I will say that we want to keep doing our best to bring you the best possible show we can. And it helps us massively if you leave us reviews on iTunes and comment on the site with feedback, comments, hate mail, and compilments. Whatever you want to say, just keep the conversation going!

I’m hoping to have a new song for one of our future episodes, and we have some special guests and surprises in the works. So stay tuned, and thanks for all the emails! New episode Monday!

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