Episode 14 – Brovember & Listener Emails

We take a week where we give thanks for our bros and the bro-tastic bro’in’ that bros do. Errr..I mean, we invite Rusty Shackles, Matt Wilson, and Smithy to the show and answer listener emails, and the topics range far and wide. It’s a week without a guest, with a lot of non-comics discussion, and a chance for us to give thanks to everyone for listening to our little show.

The Rundown:

  • Check out more of Rusty’s amazing work at his website, if you haven’t already.
  • Also, check out KingOblivionPhD’s writing at the International Society of Supervillains. Also check him out on twitter. You can also check out the song I wrote about him here.
  • Smithy can be found on twitter, at his art page, and his website. His name is really Matthew Allen Smith, but we just call him Smithy.
  • Check out Jay Potts’ great webcomic, World of Hurt at the website.
  • CORRECTION: “Still D.R.E.” was ghostwritten by Jay-Z, not “The Next Episode.” whoops.
  • Sims has been churning out great content at not only The ISB, but also at ComicsAlliance and Heavy.com. Please check them out if you get a chance.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com for some fresh rhymes and dope beats.

0 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Brovember & Listener Emails”

  1. CORRECTION: Dr. Doom and Mephisto are actually FF and Silver Surfer/Thor villains, used only as part of marvel’s “Villains for Food” program. Dr. Strange contributed the most canned green beans.

    Seriously, although the Joker has tangled with Superman, that doesn’t mean he’s *his* villain.

  2. The Mindless Ones, Rusty.

    THE MINDLESS ONES. The most flawless villains ever.

    I would defend the Futurama dog episode by saying that the episode was plenty entertaining enough by Futurama standards, and really only threw the sad bit in at the end in a mostly unobtrusive way…except I realize that I don’t actually remember much of the episode besides the end. So maybe Chris is right.

    I love Gunsmith Cats (yes) but Battle Royale to me still had the best chase scene in comics. “Abraca-****ing-dabra!”

    I wonder if I’m the only War Rocket Ajax listener who’d bring back the Veronica Mars TV show in a heartbeat if asked.

    Also, am I just ADD or did you not mention who the next guest would be after the thanksgiving break?

  3. The dog thing was sentimental in a way that Fry never was for even his family….Even the Yancy episode, which is mostly about him hating his brother the whole episode. The only reason I cut them slack on that is because thematically, since the dog was just a *object* at that point, it fit in with the way that the cast only ever got excited about “stuff” or “something new”. They overdid it with the coda where they show the dog waiting for Fry and wasting away to sad music. It’s as if they were saying, “Hey, audience! This episode was poignant! AAAAAH! CRY DAMMIT CRY CRYYYYYYYYYY!”

  4. I have to say, I was sad that no one picked the Canadian Destroyer for favorite wrestling finishing move in this podcast. Though I’ll give King Oblivion credit for representing NC with the Nature Boy.

  5. In response to the above:

    -I would want Veronica Mars season 1 brought back. NOT Vmars season 3.

    -Sims did mention that the next guest is Cherie Priest, author extraordinaire.

    -You’re all so wrong about the dog ep, those of you who are wrongy mcwrongsters.

  6. Have to agree with leaving dead shows dead. Family Guy, before it was killed off, was a far more clever and funny show that actually had good stories. Now it’s usually a hodgepodge of jokes that fill in for a crappy story.

    It might just be smarter for TV execs to leave well enough alone and try to advertise their shows rather than canning them, only to realize later that people are buying the DVDs after realizing the shows are actually half decent.

  7. The only TV show I’d love to see more of which is older and so its not possible is The Prisoner (RIP McGoohan)

    and the new AMC remake can go to hell god it looks terrible

  8. Thanks for the shout-out, Chris. I think you’ve found a much better “Jay” from the Fairborn, OH area that fits the wild, action-packed insanity that is “The Hard Ones.”

    Also, the best finishing maneuver was the Tazz’s kata hajime, the Tazmission or the Perfect Plex with bridge.

  9. Emma Frost is from Boston, so I guess we’re supposed to hear her in an upper-class Boston brahmin accent. However, I find it entertaining to imagine that she’s from Southie.

  10. Chaps.

    As you enjoyed THE THICK OF IT and IN THE LOOP, I humbly recommend some of creator Armando Iannucci’s earlier work, specifically the satirical news shows THE DAY TODAY and BRASS EYE, with Chris Morris – a guy who I don’t think has made much impact Stateside, but… well, give the shows a try, and you’ll see his appeal pretty soon.

    Vinny – you’re not the only WRA poster who’d like to see VERONICA MARS back. But Euge is spot-on about the christ-awful 3rd season.

  11. I miss Wonderfalls too. By far the best version of That Bryan Fuller Show, and it had the most brilliantly misanthropic lead character ever. (My favourite Jay scene is when someone hands her a lost wallet, and she accepts it automatically before realising it is actually hers.)

  12. Agree on third season Veronica Mars, I liked the start of it which had a great mystery, and then the resolution to it sucked and the rest of the season went downhill.

    Well I listened to the podcast again without my ADD and it inspired me to pick up Kane. **** yeah, this comic blew my mind. So why does no one mention Paul Grist when they talk about greatest creators ever, even among indie guys?

    Also, just picking up on sentiments left towards the end of the podcast about why WRA is a great ‘cast and why its uniqueness works….one of the things I do really love about comic podcasts is when they just do weekly comics reviews. Because, really, there are a lot of great comics reviews/recap podcasts out there and a lot of them are very well-done, but…to me they just get old fast and I can rarely listen to them in their entirety (maybe just because with reviews it’s a lot more fun to read them at your own pace). You guys talk about things that are actual topics for discussion, and in fact when you do comics reviews you only bring up the comics that are meat for discussion as well.

  13. Wow, wra… I love that you receive more feedback/comments when there’s no comics/author-related guest on…. Looks like the “zoo crew”-esque aspect of you guys have really hit it off…. Congrats, bros.

  14. As for TV shows that should be brought back, I’d say “Profit”, the criminally-underappreciated early 90s Fox series starring Adrian Pasdar as a sociopath working in corporate America.

    Yet another show cancelled too soon by Fox.

  15. Best Wrestling Finisher- It’s old school, but you can’t eat Jake the Snake Robert’s DDT. The Canadian Destroyer looks great, but it bothers me that it’s too obviously fake in that there’s no way you could do it if the other guy wasn’t cooperating. And I never liked the PerfectPlex because the guy’s shoulders were never on the mat, but he would get the 3 count anyways.

    TV show I would bring back- Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Not only did it get cancelled far before it’s time, but poor Andy hasn’t done anything worth watching since.

  16. Eric Lyden-I think the Canadian Destroyer is my favorite because I first saw it with a group of friends. None of us had seen it before, and we all thought he’d actually screwed up and possibly hurt or killed his opponent. But I can understand being put off because you need the other person to do it.

  17. Thanks for answering my questions guys! Although I feel a little bad for inspiring so much hating on Dr. Strange.

    On canceled TV Shows I also want to throw a vote towards bringing back Veronica Mars, I think I’m the only person who liked Season 3 and Piz.

  18. Laaaaaaate comment here, but whatever.

    Can Rusty be permanent third chair? There’s yet to be an Ajax installment that I’d call weak, but the ones with the Shackmaster are just that much stronger. And I’m talking full-fledged third chair here. Have him there for the warm-up, the interview, big ups, etc.

    And thanks for not going to the nerd go-to of “Firefly” for the TV resurrection bit. “Firefly” was good precisely because it was shortlived. Whedon never got to turn it into a soap opera about how nobody loved him in high school. Season 4 of “Firefly” would have been the television equivalent of the born again, post-rehab Hendrix that fate spared the world.

    Good call on recommending “World of Hurt.” I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. Some of the best stuff in the world of webcomics, for sure.

    Keep on War Rockin’ the free world.

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