Happy Thanksgiving!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the War Rocket Ajax crew. No plugs, no links, no nothing. Just a heartfelt thank you from all of us here. Thanks so much for listening, for commenting, for emailing, for everything. Hope all of you have a great holiday!

We’ll be taking the week off, but check back December 7, 2009 for our next episode!

p.s. – thanks so much for the incredible response for our Listener Email episode! Wowzers, you guys really came out of the woodwork to discuss! We’ll be doing it again soon!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. What? No link pimping?
    How am I supposed to get to the ISB or comics alliance now? type in the URL myself? what is this the middle ages?

    I remember how you guys used to link to all kinds of stuff.
    You guys used to be cool 🙁

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