Episode 19 – Luchadore A Go Go! w/ El Gorgo!

Great Googily Moogily! Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab from El Gorgo join the party, along with 3rd chair Emeritus Rusty Shackles, as the War Rocket Ajax crew grabs their guitars and makes their way to the concert! Will they make it in time?!

The Rundown:

  • Please check out everything El Gorgo at the website. Also check out Tamas and Mike on twitter! Order your copy of El Gorgo today!
  • Check out War Rocket Ajax crew’s TV Tropes page. Thanks Bringthanoize. Email us so we can give you some proper credit!
  • As always, check out Rusty’s work at his website. Also, check out his Covered version of Marvel Two in One 86 here, and his Big Barda and Lashina pieces as well!
  • Go check out The Vizzness’s food blog here! Also say hi to her on twitter. Be nice, or Rusty will in fact, rise from the dead and….dot dot dot.
  • Check out WFMU’s blog piece detailing the Carson story that Chris mentioned. Don’t mess with Johnny Carson, folks.
  • Here’s Chris’s ISB review of Bayonetta, the greatest game in the universe.
  • Yup, we’re Team Coco.
  • Also be sure to check out Chris’s ComicsAlliance article on Ultimatum. Go ahead, hate on it.
  • Be sure to pick up a copy of Oni Press’s Resurrection 8 in February!

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26 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Luchadore A Go Go! w/ El Gorgo!”

  1. Sweet heel turn, Rusty!

    The thing that just seems willfully stupid about the whole “men are exaggerated, too” argument is that you only have to look at the covers of comics that explicitly sexualize the male body, comics that exist ONLY to sexualize the male body, like at the bottom of this:


    to see that the ordinary exaggeration of musculature you see in Daredevil or Batman is not inherently sexual, and by contrast, one only has to look at any random cheesecake/pinup art to see how similar it is to the oft-complained-of female superhero art . I’m not Mr. Enlightened or anything, but this is a really, genuinely, dumb position to hold. One would be better served just saying “I like cheesecake, so there!”

  2. I would pay money for an issue of Marvel Luchadores Spider-Man. Especially if Spider-Man wears a Luchadore mask over his normal mask.

  3. Chris was the guy who came to your school Ted Dibiase? He was (briefly) in the NWO and he is an evangelical preacher (actually had a religious wrestling fed for a while.)

    That’s the most likely candidate anyway, but somehow I can’t imagine Chris failing to notice that the Million Dollar Man was at his school. (Although admittedly without Virgil and/or a basketball and a fistfull of cash or the Million Dollar Belt, it might have been a little bit harder to tell who it was.)

  4. Also, I’ve mentioned it before, but I have some outlines for a “What If” story where ODB didn’t die (it was his life-model decoy, the ODLMD), and is now fighting crime.

  5. I should probably star listening to this on the bus that was the most laugh filled episode yet and I think I was getting strange glances

  6. Yeah, was this preacher guy an actual wrestler or just some guy co-opting the NWO’s good name? I went to public school in MA and we actually had an assembly once where some former football player gave us a religious speech. I don’t remember if it was Christian or if it was just a generic spiritual kinda speech, but it wasn’t until years later that it occured to me that I should have been upset at them using part of out school day to try and spread any kind of religious message. At the time I was just happy to get out of class.

    Chris- Have you ever seen CHIKARA pro wrestling? the website is Chikarapro.com and while I only know you via the ISB and the podcast I think I can safely say that CHIKARA would be right up your alley. It’s kind of an American Lucha style and… you’d dig it. Trust me on that.

    And the best suplex is obviously the Dragon suplex. It is a cooler version of the Tiger suplex which is a cooler version of the German suplex. Therefore there is no debate.

  7. I actually prefer the El Gorgo! method for posting comic content. The greatest thing about falling in love with a webcomic that’s already been out for a while is that you can go to the archives and read story arcs in great breathless rushes. For example, I love Dr. McNinja but reading the pages as they come out makes the story disjointed and a little awkward for me. Going to the archive and reading a complete issue is so much more satisfying.

    p.s. Does Rusty Shackles know that he broke all our hearts with this latest betrayal? Sims and Euge should find a rebound artist for the next podcast.

  8. Mike McGee is a phony and a fake and also a charlatan! And sometimes he threatened me with LEUKEMIA!

    I kid. I love McGee. And even his manboy lifemate MX3.

    p.s. Good episode, dudes!

  9. Thanks for the tip about the W.A.S.P. “Wild Child” video. W.A.S.P.’s been a guilty pleasure of mine for years, but I’d never seen the epic hilarity of that video before.

  10. New fan of the show, and now I’ll have to purchase El Gorgo comics. I am a big fan of indie comics, it is great to see people create such great work in their spare time!
    I’m real surprised the writers don’t know Spanish or are fans of Lucha Libre for having created such a comic. El Santo y Blue Demon have horribly amazing films to mine for ideas!
    ¡El Gorgo para siempre!

  11. What an amazing, dream-like honor it is to hear my name used as the jumping off point for Black Lantern Eazy to give everyone AIDS… of course, the whole event was just a lead-in to the up-coming”Dre-est Day” weekly.
    Thanks for giving me airtime, I appreciate it.

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