Episode 20: Bat Out of Hell f/ Thom Zahler!

Through snow, through sleet, through hail, love prevails. Appropriately, Thomas Zahler, creator of the superb superhero situation comedy comic book Love and Capes, is our guest, as we chat about love, relationships, and Superman. Also, 3rd Chair Smithy is back to spread sunshine in our lives. We talk about Kick-Ass, shameless self-promotion, power ballads, and sex in Mass Effect 2. It’s a jumble of goodness, as War Rocket Ajax returns.

The Rundown:

  • Please check out Thomas Zahler’s great Love and Capes at his website, where you can actually read a fair amount of the first issue for FREE. Also, follow him on twitter, and pick up the first trade of Love and Capes on Amazon!
  • Check out Sims’ new webcomic, Awesome Hospital. It is AWESOME.
  • Also check out Smithy’s work in the new Solomon Stone #2 at Action Age comics. Follow Smithy on twitter too. He’s tall.
  • Big ups to our pal Rusty Shackles again, for his, along with Chris and Chad’s work in Oni Press’s Resurrection 8!
  • Sorry to our friends Evie and Aaron at Awesomed By Comics, who are also having some technical difficulties and won’t be posting up new eps for a bit. We recommended them in the episode, but please check out their archives, or their appearance on War Rocket Ajax (often referred to as both the best and/or most painful segment, as voted on by listeners, in our show’s history).
  • Check out the creators of FakeAPStylebook’s new website, The Bureau Chiefs, to which Sims and I are both contributors.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com, where I posted a new song today called “PBR.”

Please leave us a review on iTunes if you have the time! Also, remember to send in your listener questions to warrocketpodcast_at_gmail.com!

0 thoughts on “Episode 20: Bat Out of Hell f/ Thom Zahler!”

  1. Thank you guys so much for the shout out! But we actually fixed our technical difficulties and posted a show last night, hot damn yaayy!!

  2. It’s good to have boys back in town. Glad to hear the blizzard didn’t drive you more nuts than u already are, euge

  3. I also dont like the artificial flavored barbeque chips. EVERYONE else disagrees with me, and im glad to have found an ally

  4. I was unaware that Ketchup Chips are only available up here in the Great White North

    you really do learn something every day

  5. I’m sorry Euge, but pushing the guy out the window is far from the worst renegade thing you can do in mass effect 2. At least the guard was kind of evil. The awesomest renegade action, (and my favorite scene in the game), is when the reporter lady from the first game asks you if you want to do another interview. You can say yes, then as soon as she starts to ask you a question, before she even says two words, you just say “I don’t like your tone” and punch her face in. It’s utterly devoid of reason and so pointlessly dickish.

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