Episode 23 – Mad As Heck f/ Tom Fowler

Comic artist and Mad Magazine contributor Tom Fowler stops by to earn our explicit tag, talk about Mysterius, and engage in some good old fashioned nostalgia for our favorite childhood humor magazine. Also, Chad Bowers stops by to show us the friendlier face of the Action Age.

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The Rundown

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9 thoughts on “Episode 23 – Mad As Heck f/ Tom Fowler”

  1. Wrestling nerd alert:

    Regarding Euge’s question about Shawn Michaels’ health on the podcast – Michaels took four and a half years off between WrestleMania 14 and SummerSlam 2002 due to a major back injury (suffered, ironically enough, in a match against the Undertaker). He’s had some knee problems since his return, but just the usual problems that most wrestlers get.

    And if you haven’t seen it, UT v HBK from last year is well worth watching, even if just for the look of utter confusion on Taker’s face when Shawn kicks out of the Tombstone. He couldn’t have been more shocked if the entire crowd had turned into bunny rabbits.

  2. WrestleMania looks great this year. For the first time ins several years, there are four matches (Cena/Batista, UT/HBK, Vince/Bret and Rey/Punk) that the build to has been awesome and must see matches.

  3. Also I’m sorry he felt terrible about confusing me with someone else. I was actually really flattered that he thought I was someone in the industry.

  4. Let me get this straight:
    1) Your Twilight hater cussed you out for hating on *in writing* something you read, saying if you hate something, you shouldn’t comment on it at all.
    2) She did this by reading your article, hating what it said, and expressing her hatred of it to you *in writing*.

    O Internet, where do these people come from?

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