Episode 24 – Bag of Salt f/ Let’s Be Friends Again

Curt Franklin and Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again sit in on the whole episode, and basically try their best to ruin our show. Did they succeed?! Tune in to find out.

The Rundown

  • Check out Let’s Be Friends Again at their website, where you can buy stuff like their book, tshirts, prints, and coupons for hot sex on a platter with one of the guys. Also, you can buy their book on Amazon.
  • Check out Say it Backwards, and buy some of his Superman stuff. Check out the two posts here and here.
  • Here’s some links to Chris’s Leo Quintum/Lex Luthor theories that he mentioned when talking about All Star Superman (here, here, here, and here)
  • Follow Curt on twitter here, and Chris on twitter here
  • Here’s my Scott Pilgrim rap (link). Here’s the Former Fat Boys (link). You decide which is better.
  • Go check out Max Huffman‘s awesome comic, Mocktopus, which he does between sick burns class and improv comedy.
  • Check out Sims at The ISB, Comics Alliance, his new webcomic Awesome Hospital, as well as the complete Solomon Stone at ActionAgeComics.
  • Check out Euge’s music at AdamWarRock.com.

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0 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Bag of Salt f/ Let’s Be Friends Again”

  1. Antoher reason for the people claiming it might be Carnage: remember that time Sentry tore Carnage in half up in space? Nothing ever became of that after.

  2. I have listened to War Rocket Ajax for some time now but never commented but I this episode compels me to break my vow of silence so I could say that this episode touched my heart… inappropriately.

  3. Oh me oh my this has got to be my favorite episode so far, but for all of the wrong reasons.
    Euge is flat out drunk
    Curt’s verbal middle finger is out there for all the world to see(hear)
    Chris Haley has just had enough
    Chris Sims is watching his podcast go down in a blaze of glory and as the captain is forced to go down with the ship.
    Non-stop hilarity. I can’t even believe I’ve heard the things I’ve heard on this podcast.
    You got me with Leo Quintum is Lex Luthor, but stole my heart with a having a bag of salt on you at all times to cure meat “on the fly”


  4. Rick – Mine is the triceratops. Curt’s is the procompsognathus (aka compy).

    Oh wait, unless you include Devil Dinosaur. He is my most favorite if we’re counting him.

  5. Gasp! Awesome to hear a reference to that dog. make it into the podcast. “Retreat from the Sun” is one of my all-time favorite albums.

  6. Loving this episode. Though I went off to look into that All-Star Superman stuff, and two things occur to me: 1. I need to re-read ASS. And 2. Comic book nerds put way too much thought into the shit they read. I pick up a comic, read it, chuckle or groan, and then put it down. I rarely think or talk about it ever again. But these guys, these guys make it out to be some sort of academic pursuit. Crazy.

  7. Are there really 20 comments on this ep already? Do you guys REALLY like Curt and Chris that much? Trust me, they’re not as cool as they sound.

  8. There’s another level to this Lex = Leo theory I haven’t seen added

    Lex Luthor
    Alexander Luthor
    Alexander the Great
    Alexander the Great’s symbol was the lion
    Lion = Leo
    Leo Quintum

  9. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I read the show notes hoping to find a link to some horribly depressing Funky Winkerbean strips. Where are they? With all the April Fool’s Day wackiness going on tomorrow I’m gonna need something to bring me down.

  10. I would like to say that this is the best episode of War Rocket Ajax ever but I cannot. What I will say is IF this episode had featured a half-hour Castlevania Trivia Contest it would have been the best episode ever.

    Also, I am now re-reading All Star Superman.

  11. Lifeline uses judo to defeat some pirates i the comic… I really liked that scene. He’s a pacifist, but has no problem letting the bad guys rush him and hurt themselves all they like.

  12. I can’t believe there were actually outtakes from that show, implying that there was some quality standard which some of the recording failed to meet.

  13. Sorry to be so late to say this, but having just listened to this episode this morning I felt compelled to comment and say I laughed so hard I had to stop listening because I was crying from laughing so hard. At multiple junctures. Please let Curt and Chris come back.

    Bag of salt, y’all.

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