Episode 38 – Stache-Con! w/ Paul Tobin

Paul Tobin joins us to talk about villains, superheroes, and mustaches. Chris and Euge talk about comics (sorta), and we continue to not stop believin’.

The Show Rundown

Comics Discussed:

  • iZombie 4
  • Punisher Max 9

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20 thoughts on “Episode 38 – Stache-Con! w/ Paul Tobin”

  1. Euge, for Scott Pilgrim, you need to go to the stores and buy items to boost your stats. You don’t actually gain any stats when you level up, just new moves. Buying certain items will get you permanent stat boosts.

    The best items are in the video store at the beginning of the shopping district (you have to pay Scott’s $505 late fee first, but everything after that is $5). If you don’t have the $500, just go to Wallace’s shop under the bridge in level 1 and pick up a bionic arm. If you max out your stats, the game will become incredibly easy though.

  2. Ken’s right. When your character is completely maxed out, you’ll be floored by how quickly you’ll tear through these levels if you try ’em again. You’ll knock out Matthew Patel before he can summon any of the demon hipster chicks. You won’t have to fight Envy Adams because Lynette won’t have a chance to do the whole tag team thing. The game also seems a lot more fun when your character’s speed is maxed out and can move so much more quickly.

    You can also buy one-ups at the video store or at Wallace’s shop, and I’d definitely recommend picking up at least a couple of those before tackling Gideon. You can also hit up the restaurants to max out your gut points and hit points, and that means you essentially have 410 hit points per life (at least, that’s as high as I’ve gotten ’em).

  3. Thanks for answering my question, guys. I loved the Hell out of the Super Mario Bros. show. I’ll be honest, when they finally (and saying that speaks volumes about me as a person) had a power-up scene set to Kenny Loggins’ “Highway to the Danger Zone” (I recall it was a go kart-type chase where they get fire flowers) was far and away my top moment of that entire series.

  4. I bet every entry on Darkseid’s calender is Villainy. Although seeing a Day in the life of Darkseid would be HILARIOUS.

  5. But didn’t Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton win the WWE title at a younger age? You can always shoot for the Terry Funk goal of winning the (ECW) World title at the ripe age of 53.

    Keep the dream alive!

  6. From now one, when I’m fantasizing about being the EIC of DC, Paul Tobin on Captain Marvel is going to be right up there with a return of John Rogers on Blue Beetle and Greg Rucka back on Wonder Woman.

    And not a Johnny DC Captain Marvel, either. The main DCU needs the Big Red Cheese.

  7. Dear Euge,

    With this message, I am hereby submitting my candidature for First Hater of the Heroic Age.

    I would just like to state that I am saddened by the departure of the previous theme song. I like the new theme song, but the previous one with Aaron’s beat was just so damn catchy. Everytime I started listening to WRA I would rewind it back a few times to relisten to the theme. Hell, I did it enough that I kinda knew the lyrics by heart.

    Not saying I’m against some change, but… that beat was golden. I just wish you would’ve updated the lyrics!

    I kinda feel bad for being a hater, but what can I do…

  8. Disagreed, david! The new version is awesome – turning the Hip Hop Is Dead intro from the previous version into a chorus works so nice. And rhyming Kirby crackle with rusty shackles? I mean, damn. That shit is great.

  9. I thought I had mentioned in the e-mail that I meant it as a question to the audience. I sent the question to you guys so that you could ask it on the show and have people respond in the comments. I asked you guys because the War Rocket Ajax is the audience I would most trust for suggesting a good store.

    Apparently if I did, I didn’t make it clear. But you guys did ultimately answer the question, and for that I am very appreciative.

  10. Great show as always, and congrats on finishing your first year! Thanks for the shoutouts Euge and Chris – and you too David, although I gotta admit I like the new tune better. ONCE AGAIN MONTELL JORDAN HAS BESTED ME. First the 1997 Greater Providence Metropolitan Area Bocce Championship, now this.

  11. A bit late, but Comicopia and Million Year Picnic are also great Boston comic shops. And don’t go into Newbury Comics expecting it to be a comic shop. More of them do sell some comics, but if you’re selective enough to even be asking about comic stores they probably won’t suit your needs.

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