Episode 42 – Almond Joy f/ Phil Hester

Writer and artist Phil Hester talks about art vs. writing, Green Arrow, The Wretch and con memories with Chris. Euge is back from SPX and ready for action. And a very, very special haters segment.

The Rundown


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10 thoughts on “Episode 42 – Almond Joy f/ Phil Hester”

  1. What a great episode! I’m all for longer shows like this, you guys always make my week.

    I can’t get over how self deprecating Hester is about his art. When I think of Green Arrow, it his art that comes into my mind. He draws the shit out of everything!

    I have a similar karaoke story, kinda sorta. Many years ago (1998?) after seeing a Vanilla Ice concert with some friends from work, we stopped by Poor Richards Pub (looks NOTHING like depicted on the Office, BTW) for a little singing.

    Little did we know, it was biker night. This did not stop me from singing “Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra. The first chorus was met with HEAVY boos, but I won those BASTARDS over!

  2. Wonderful podcast as usual, fellas. I feel like I’m the lunatic idiot whenever I’ve gotten my questions answered because they’re ridiculously stupid, but still. It’s worth the discussion.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I laughed for literally three minutes straight at YOU’RE MOVING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. So… Yeah. That was g-d hilarious.

    Take care.

  3. well played Rick…well played. I’ll get it up at some point, the WarRock site is a bit busy right now. If anyone wants it, just email me.

  4. Good show as always.

    Anyway, I have a ridiculously specific request for you. If you end up discussing Dragon Age: Origins on the next show (as I know Colleen Coover is a BioWare fan) could you please give a spoiler warning first so I can skip ahead a bit? I’m finally getting around to playing it and would prefer not to be spoiled anymore than I already have been…

  5. Fuck yeah to Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. I’m a long-time vegan/chocolate milk substitute connoisseur and I’ve gotta say that SDCAM is the best on the market.

    This is important, though, Sims: did you shake the container before you poured the milk into your Spider-Man novelty glass? Make sure you shake it well or what you first get from the container will be a little thin and the stuff toward the bottom will be disgustingly thick.

  6. Thank you fellows for a swell interview. I will never listen to it because I cannot stand to hear the sound of my own voice muted by my massive, senatorial jowls.

  7. Euge- Today I saw Jen Vauhgn at the Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo and she was indeed eager to discuss your karaoke experience. I was just thrilled to have something to chat about instead of just standfing there like an idiot.

    Also, I was this close to buying an Adam Warrock t shirt, but I had already dipped in to my grocery money to buy comic books so I couldn’t quite justify it. Sorry.

  8. Chris-
    If you really want to pursue “What will Chris drink next,” I highly recommend horchata. I can give you a recipe if you feel like making it yourself, or you can pick up a pack you mix with water (if you have a local Mexican grocery store), or if you don’t have either option I would gladly mail you a packet. It’s pretty good. It’s not chocolate, but it’s definitely an awesome drink.

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