Episode 43 – Mass Efx w/ Colleen Coover

Show favorite Colleen Coover joins the show to talk about Bioware, sandbox games, and D&D. Grab your controllers, it’s time for our video game show!

The Rundown

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11 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Mass Efx w/ Colleen Coover”

  1. as far as D&D goes, rules dont equal roleplay. a good player or a good DM can make anything great, game-wise. the power system is just a new set of rules to make combat more dynamic than “i swing at the monster again.” Describe the power however you want.
    Outside of combat… the rules are more or less irrelevant.

  2. I feel the same way Colleen feels about fighting games about GoldenEye for the N64. By the time I picked up the game, most of my friends were so far ahead of the curve, they would kill me within seconds, play for hours while I stared at the wall.

    Also, maybe cuz I’m an old man, I can’t get into games like Halo, Arkham Asylum, etc. as using both thumbsticks at once is too confusing for me! Even playing drums in Rock Band confounds me. Trying to coordinate two hands AND my foot, no thank you!

    I’ll stick with Duels of the Planeswalkers and Plants vs. Zombies, but always a fun episode.

  3. On the subject of Bioware games letting any player choose any NPC for sexy make-out times, I’ve recently been thinking their next game should be about the Ancient Greeks.

    You know the ones.

  4. How dare you guys try to poison Colleen against Castlevania 2!

    Don’t listen to them, Colleen; it’s brilliant!

    But don’t bother playing it. From your comments in the episode I suspect that you wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.

  5. My choices: Grant DaNasty, Blanka and Edgar Figaro. Never played Smash Bros.

    About Castlevania II, I strongly recommend the AVGN episode. Also has one talking about Ghostbusters games and Back to the future games. Lots of cursing, but great show imho.

    Anyway great ep. I wish Coover had started playing ten years ago at least, so we could have heard about NWN and KOTOR. I also wish I could go to NY, looks like there’s gonna be a lot of really cool people around.

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