Overtime With Colleen Coover

In the midst of recording Episode 43, we forgot to ask Colleen Coover a set of very well written Mass Effect questions from one listener. Upon showing her the questions, she decided to answer them anyway. Check it out! (artwork from Colleen’s website). Thanks to listener Sarah for the email questions!

What Mass Effect 2 recruitment/loyalty mission had the biggest emotional impact for you and why?

Probably the recruitment of Garrus had the most emotional impact on me. Garrus was my second-favorite character from Mass Effect 1, and the recruitment occurs fairly early in the game when Shepard is still (to my mind) reeling from her “death” and the loss of her ship, her crew, and two years of her life. I was seriously tempted to pursue the romantic angle with Garrus in ME2, because I figure she’s SUPER lonely, but every time I thought about pulling the trigger on one of the romance conversations with him, it was like contemplating kissing a first cousin. (ew!)

If BioWare commissioned you to write and draw a comic featuring Blasto, the first Hanar Spectre, what ridiculously awesome story would you want to tell?

Blasto would bust up a Red Sand/Slavery ring by sneaking into their secret space station headquarters, freeing and recruiting the help of a an Asari hottie scheduled for the auction block, and picking off the evil crew one by one. After getting all the other captive slaves into escape pods, Blasto and the Asari would escape in their own private pod and “embrace eternity” as the station explodes behind them into a cloud of glittering space dust.

Really, it writes itself.

How would a fight between Blasto and Shepard go down?

Jellyfish splatter patterns on the wall, yo.

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