Episode 51 – Got a Switch f/Chris Roberson

We’re recovering from our New Year’s hangovers this week and trying to relearn the basics of podcasting after a long break. Luckily, the always entertaining Chris Roberson, who is taking over for J. Michael Straczynski on Superman and is writing Starborn with Stan Lee, stopped by for the third time, despite officially now being a capital-b Big Deal! We also read out your favorite moments from the show’s first 49 episodes and answer some listener questions!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Axe Cop TPB
  • Dungeons and Dragons #2
  • Parker: The Hunter

Shameless Self Promotion:

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14 thoughts on “Episode 51 – Got a Switch f/Chris Roberson”

  1. My question got read!! My name mispronounced!! More wrestling talk!! Axe Cop!! Matt’s assessment of “CM Punks” made my morning!! Excellent interview with Roberson!! Best episode of the 11!!

  2. I third the Yacht Rock love. But I think Matt means “Valerie” by Steve Winwood for those looking for the song. “Call on me” is part of the chorus. Also, “Ride like the Wind” is the Christopher Cross/Michael McDonald song. “Sailing,” while amazing, is pure 100% Cross.

  3. great episode

    congrats chris!
    I’m sure you will add anothe quality product to the great and ever growing oni library

    congrats matt!
    I’m sure you will become famous as the guy who Chris belittles and abuses when he’s drunk on his power(I mean more than now)

  4. Hey guys. Funny show as usual; just wanted to say thanks for reading my listener question, and more importantly, for pronouncing my name right. Most people pronounce it Zee-ah. Happy new year!

  5. 1. Copies of MIRACLE MONDAY are pretty readily available on Amazon for .01 (with $3 shipping) in “acceptable condition” which is pretty reasonable for an almost 30 year old book.

    2. I’m glad somebody pointed out that CM Punk’s song is not punk at all. However while he may not adhere to the look CM Punk is punk enough to have an Operation Ivy tattoo.

    3. I wish I had remembered to submit my favorite WRA moment. I assumed someone else would have mentioned it, but the Castlevania trivia contest where Aaron invoked the legitimately tragic death of a 10 year old little girl in order to come up with a question Chris couldn’t answer… that was as hard as I’ve ever laughed at any podcast.

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