iTunes workaround!

Apple still hasn’t approved our show for the iTunes store (perhaps everyone who listens to it for approval is BLOWN AWAY). But for those of you who can’t imagine listening to the show any other way, here’s a workaround:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Click the “Advanced” menu.
3. Click “subscribe to a podcast.”
4. Enter this URL:

That should work! In case you were wondering, that URL is also our new podcast RSS feed, if you do the reader thing.

6 thoughts on “iTunes workaround!”

  1. oh wow, you even went back and added the names to all the guests in the titles. Thanks! now i don’t need to have the description column set a mile long to go back and listen to some of my favorites.

  2. Shit, somehow I assumed people knew about this or I woulda commented here. I’ve been getting the podcast this way for a month at least. Now everybody does! Yay.

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