Volume 2, Episode 22 – Bombastic, Circumspect, Driven and Drunk f/Ming Doyle

Ming Doyle, artist of The Loneliest Astronauts and a story in the upcoming Fantastic Four #600, enters the official War Rocket Ajax records as our guest this week! We discuss the end of TLA, her new Star Trek webcomic with Kevin Church, why Benjamin Sisko is the best, the gender-based reasons for why her art is so stylish, the meticulous labeling of her kitchen, and much more! Plus, Chris once again gives big up to one of his haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • 15 Love
  • Batman #3
  • Justice League #3

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6 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 22 – Bombastic, Circumspect, Driven and Drunk f/Ming Doyle”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, guys – that was awesome!

    And yeah, it was a pretty damn awesome wedding, and a pretty nerdy one too. Nichole pulled flashcards out of Batman, Atomic Robo and NEXTWAVE during her vows. I nearly lost my mind.

  2. Congrats to Chris Sims’ secret internet girlfriend!

    I was surprised after the review of Justice League issue 3 to hear Matt say it was “incrementally better” than issue 2. Like you guys I thought issue 2 was a step up…but issue 3 was the worst of the lot for me. Well, maybe because I found all the Wonder Woman stuff more annoying than anything, even though she is easily the most likable character.

    I’m just kinda depressed that they have once again done NOTHING to try and fix the one DC character who most needs fixing to reach a broader audience, and just went back to the same old beats, this time written by Geoff Johns which makes it all the worse.

  3. I have to say, you guys pretty much summed up my feelings about Justice League perfectly, even though I thought issue 2 was better than issue 3. I do have to say though I thought The Flash was the most entertaining character and is the most likable character after Wonder Woman. One thing to their credit is that I am glad that they’ve brought back Steve Trevor to prominence.

  4. Great show you guys! And thanks for using my twitter question. I really had no plans to pick up FF#600 but after this interview, you’ve sold me on it. Oh and one more thing, I don’t want to ever get or play Skyrim because I would like to keep what little of a social life I have.


    P.S. I am surprised that there was no Jem commentary this week. Oh well, maybe next week.

  5. Speaking of bad store names: an English professor of mine told the (likely apocryphal) story of a hair salon in a college town that called itself “The Rape of the Lock” (after the Alexander Pope poem involving the theft of a lock of hair). Unsurprisingly, the store reportedly met some resistance to its name.

  6. Great show guys. Really eager to read Fantastic Four #600 after listening to this. Ming did an amazing job on The Loneliest Astronauts.

    You guys should give out titles to recurring guests.

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