Volume 2, Episode 25 – Christmas Curse of the Juggalo f/Matt Fraction and Adam Warrock

You’re just going to have to listen to this extra-sized episode, my ninjas. Merry Christmas! See you all in 2012.

The Rundown

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19 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 25 – Christmas Curse of the Juggalo f/Matt Fraction and Adam Warrock”

  1. I only just started listening to this, but I wanted to thank Matt Fraction for sharing with us that he suffers from depression. I do too, and hearing other people mention it even in passing reminds me that I’m not a freak or the only person who feels this way. I know I’m making a big deal out of thirty seconds of a two hour podcast, but it meant a lot to me.

    Man that is kind of a somber comment to leave on the War Rocket Ajax Christmas Special.

    Well, then let me also say that I am a huge fan of Chris and Matt and Euge. You guys are really great, truly one of a kind, and I want to thank you for this Christmas Special and for War Rocket Ajax in general. Merry Christmas to you and all War Rocket Ajax listeners. <3

  2. This was THE FUNNIEST episode of WRA all year. Reminds me of the Bronus episodes of yesteryear. And clocking in at a sweet 2 hours. Pure sweetness.

  3. Thanks guys! That was a pretty amazing holiday gift. Fairly new listener, enjoy the format & banter. Take care & have a great holiday season. Looking forward to what you have lined up for 2012. One thing though, your link doesn’t want to download to my EVO, instead it wants to play it live. Any ideas why that is? A format thing or somthing? Best to all of you and your families,


  4. Tremendously funny episode, guys. Matt Fraction is so funny whenever he shows up. This might be the funniest episode since Ba of Salt. Still… My condolences to your eardrums. The 20 seconds or so of each song was horrible, I can’t imagine listening to the whole album. Merry Christmas WRA!

  5. Hey Mickey, I’ve got an Evo too but I’ve actually never tried listening to mp3s on it. I’m not sure what it could be — maybe because it’s such a big file? — but maybe you could download the file to your computer and then transfer it over via USB?

    That’s a pain, I know, but it’s pretty much the limit of my knowledge on the subject. Thanks for listening!

  6. This was great. I’ve listened to this a few times now. Sooo funny. I like how Matt Wilson’s Anybody Killa voice is just slightly removed from being a very accurate Dusty Rhodes impression.

  7. Happy New Year guys!
    I am looking forward to your line up for 2012. I started listening around September and have gone back to check out some older podcasts too. I love this format, I feel like I am in on the radio shows of old. You guys have influenced me to check out other podcasts as well. Thank god & verizon for wireless internet access!

    I hope that the holidays were good to you guys.

  8. A couple of interpretations-

    Blaze your dead homie- Blaze being a euphemysm for smoking weed- I say he is postulating that one should smoke- the ashes of their dead homey to get high in tribute.

    Take your panties off and decorate the christmas tree- as in take your panties off and Use them as decorations for the christmas tree.

  9. Teensy bit late on this I guess, but HOLY SHIT BEST EPISODE EVER. I wish I could frame it and put it on my wall.

    I had this on during a looong drive in Florida and I’m shocked I didn’t die on the highway. FROM LAFFS

  10. Matt sounds like he’s channeling Hulk Hogan when he does the Juggalo announcer voice which just brings the strangest image of a Juggalo Hulk Hogan to mind.

  11. I must have started listening to you guys after this episode since I only heard this today. I do remember hearing you guys talk about Holiday Heat during the mixtape episode and now I understand the true terror of it.

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