Episode 110 – I Wrote Poems, Shut Up f/Kelly Sue DeConnick

On this week’s show we power through technical difficulties to bring you our interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of the upcoming Captain Marvel series and Ghost from Dark Horse! She tells us about how a note to Neil Gaiman kicked off her career, why you can’t really get a literal translation of manga, her transition from manga adaptations to superhero comics, exactly how she feels about continuity and a ton more! Plus, we answer not one but two questions from the War Rocket Ajax Mail Rocket!

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The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Battle Scars #6
  • Daredevil #11
  • The Goon #39

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One thought on “Episode 110 – I Wrote Poems, Shut Up f/Kelly Sue DeConnick”

  1. I actually thought it would have been a great idea to include original Sergeant Nick Fury with the Howling Commandos in the Captain America movie, and then include some sort of epilogue scene of him going home to his black wife. I suppose the hope with this thing in the comics is that it will be like John Byrne bringing back Aunt May in an incredibly stupid story. Ten years later, no one remembers or cares how it happened, but they got Aunt May back. Doubt it will work though, they’re not going to keep the original Fury gone enough to make it not be confusing.

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