Episode 112 – Ninja Indicators f/Joe Keatinge

On this week’s show Glory and Hell Yeah writer Joe Keatinge sits down to chat with Chris and Matt! Among the topics we cover are Joe’s love of pro wrestling, how he got involved in the Extreme Comics revival, how he got so into violence, what should follow the question “Are you OK?” and much more! Plus, Chris gives some big ups to some haters who love too hard.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Ninja Indicators f/Joe Keatinge”

  1. Thanks for including my question, gents!

    Allow me to explain my seemingly creepy query: I, too, once followed the Savage Dragon message board/listserv and, looking back, noticed that more than a few of the members are prominent folk in the comics world.

    As an aside, if there’s one comic I wish I could get back into, it’s certainly Savage Dragon. I fell off in college, as did almost everyone who goes off to school, and the sheer number of issues I’ve missed out on makes it a daunting task. Couple that with the weird number of issues that are or aren’t on comixology and I still haven’t jumped back on.

    Last thing: I don’t understand what the hate is all about re: Chris’ review. He very clearly loved the film. I guess people were just irked that he went to lengths to point out that it wasn’t his favorite comics film.

    Jon Burr

  2. I loved the discussion about The Avengers at the end. I like how the response I’ve seen so far is that anything below “absolutely loving every aspect to the movie” is considered “bad”. I really dug the movie but it isn’t perfect.

    I admit the Captain America killing bit is also weird to me but it made more sense in his solo movie because he was in a war, but it doesn’t make as much sense in The Avengers. I don’t get that bit about the commenter justifying Captain America being okay with people being killed because he comes from a different time. Going that by logic, Captain America would be much more sexist/racist because he came from a “different time”. I’ve seen that version in Ultimate Captain America and that Cap sucks.

  3. I was fine with Captain America killing Chitauri, myself, but only because of the situation being desperate and it being his first outing after World War II in the movie continuity. For the most part, I prefer Cap doing his best to avoid killing anyone, even those like the Red Skull, in favor of delivering them to the justice system. His time as a soldier should inform whether he’s willing to kill, but the fact that he’s not motivated by bloodlust or vengeance means he should not seek to do it, and that an “appropriate situation” should be rare and not sought after. So in that regard, him killing the mercenary on the Helicarrier did stand out as a really weird moment.

  4. Yeah, that was the only Captain America moment that really bothered me in the movie. I understood him killing Chitauri, but him throwing the guy out of the Helicarrier seemed gratuitous.

  5. I’d like to see those SuperPro KO contest promos, too. I did one! They were definitely put on video, but I don’t think they were put online.

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