Episode 113 – Power Curve Issues f/John Rogers

John Rogers, writer of IDW’s Dungeons and Dragons comic, former writer of DC’s Blue Beetle and showrunner on TNT’s Leverage, joins us for this week’s show to talk about his work with Mark Waid’s Thrillbent digital comics project, the draft he wrote of the Halle Berry Catwoman movie, how he got hired by DC Comics by making fun of them on his blog, exactly what a “dirty over” is an much more! Plus, we answer some listener mail about The Legend of Korra!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Flex Mentallo HC
  • Saga #3
  • Justice League #9

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4 thoughts on “Episode 113 – Power Curve Issues f/John Rogers”

  1. I was a fan of the last question to John Rogers and did not stop listening- maybe this is how the wrestling fans feel. If you can have a Wrestlemania special, I’m sure you could have a D&D/Pathfinder special…

  2. Nice call with the Spider-Man parallels in regards to the Legend of Korra. I didn’t see those at first. I saw it as Golden Age Superman, Batman, and Robin. Korra’s super against criminals, ridiculously powerful from birth, strong morals, and an inspiration to townspeople. Mako’s parents were killed by a mugger when he was a kid, and he grimaces all the time. And Bo Lin is the comedy relief, and more enthusiastic than Mako.

  3. Regarding legend of Korra, Visually, the bad guy Amon does look like Dr. Doom, psychologically, his motive is more like Magneto. He is a non bender, he and his follower
    “equalist” are fighting the dominance of the bender. All council members are bender. Amon cause would make sense if the benders are
    oppressing the general population.

  4. Regarding Legend of Korra i think the parallels are the urban noir setting and the now recurring theme of family members being killed by benders as a origin story for the support cast.

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