Episode 114 – Getting To the Non-Adventure f/Justin Pierce

Justin Pierce of the webcomic Wonderella joins us for this week’s show! We discuss what exactly Wonderella is a parody of, how it evolved into having as much political content as it does, the importance of “soon,” drawing the impossible, why Justin is often mistaken for Justine, and much more! Plus, we answer a biblical piece of listener mail and welcome Hundo Club member Ziah Grace!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Irredeemable #37
  • Astonishing X-Men #50
  • Batman Incorporated #1

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6 thoughts on “Episode 114 – Getting To the Non-Adventure f/Justin Pierce”

  1. It’s funny, when First Class came out basically every review said that they could’ve watched an entire movie of Magneto hunting down Nazis. Admittedly I would watch a movie of this version of Magneto hunting down Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

    Oh man, I saw that Bibleman video when it came out so when I heard Matt and Chris talk about it here I was just freaking out at the coincidence.

  2. 1. The throwing of the Matrix figure needs to be explained.
    2. I think an episode or at least segment devoted to comic shop antics is badly needed. Everyone has at least a few great anecdotes!

  3. Ah, Atlantis. That was my brother’s store of choice when he was in living in Santa Cruz a couple years back. A good shop.

  4. How unfortunate! I’ve found Bibleman can be quite “enjoyable” with the right alchemy of people + cheap liquor. Thanks for taking the time to answer, though.

    I admit, I may own the world’s largest collection (outside of a religious institution) of Bibleman VHSes, totaling ten hours of spandexed “hilarity.” The Christian-affiliated, supermarket-size thriftstore in my Alabama hometown always had a couple of them for 39 cents each, a bargain I couldn’t refuse.

  5. i followed justin’s link to listen to his interview here, but i was surprised by your hosts’ somewhat uninformed hatred of wonder woman. had you read a bunch of wonder woman and disliked her, offering reasons why, that’d be interesting. instead your interview comes off as sort of totally non-politically correct counterpoint to justin’s interest in perceiving the female or even feminist point of view. in my view, as a wonder woman and wonderella reader, i love both and consider both epic in the history of comic-dom. wonder woman, like any dc protagonist, has been written by so many talented writers, and at one point in the last 20 years she waxes philosophical in a way that only a character created in the 40s and still running strong 70 years later could. you may not know but wonder woman’s mission (she is from an island of all women, many of whom are obviously lesbians – the island is given several names but one of them is ‘paradise island’) in ‘man’s world’ is to teach mankind how to live in peace and harmony (because clearly we don’t know). then, in maybe the late 90s, i think while she’s working at the UN, she reflects on whether she’s succeeded at all or been a total failure. she’s not just saving the world or the city from bad guys – she’s got a higher purpose. at one point, she actually serves as the greek god of truth. anyway, i think it’s interesting that she’s always left to be a bit miserable in her personal life (her friends from the 40s are long gone and only her paradise island family remain, if she ever gets a boyfriend it either doesn’t work out or he’s killed off – she’s totally unlucky in love), she’s always an icon of positive energy and love — literally conquering Ares, the god of war, by showing him (via the lasso) the future, where he has no more worshipers, since all life is destroyed. she makes Ares a kinder, more loving war god – what is that? pretty amazing – and not what you typically see in other comics.

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