Episode 139 – Screw Hobbits f/Adam P. Knave

This week, Chris and Matt welcome Adam P. Knave, co-writer of the MonkeyBrain Comics title Amelia Cole and the Unknown World! We’ll talk to him about the advantages and disadvantages of being half of a writing team, sticking to a schedule with a digital comic, his history with the fantasy genre, getting jetpack science right and much more! Plus, find out the incredible secret of why Chris has been feeling so crummy lately!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Hawkeye #5
  • Action Comics #15
  • Avengers #1

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3 thoughts on “Episode 139 – Screw Hobbits f/Adam P. Knave”

  1. Grant Morrison is leaving Action Comics with issue 17, I think. Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel are taking over the book after that.

  2. I would enjoy an episode just on Krispy Kreme. Can we get get a segment on “Big ups to James” that covers the ultimate hater James as well?

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