Episode 144 – Best and Worst of the X-Men f/ David Brothers and Andrew Wheeler

We’re listing our favorite and least favorite stuff again this week, and this time our sights are set on Marvel’s merry mutants! ComicsAlliance’s David Brothers and Andrew Wheeler stop by to talk about the conundrum that is Gambit, that period in which Joseph was around for like eight years, just how bad “The Draco” gets, the wonders of Australia and much more!

The Rundown

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  • Our favorite/least favorite categories: X-man, villain, story, costume, era
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  • Chris’ checks and recs: House of Anubis, Eddie Argos and the Lo-fi Punk-rock Motherfuckers’ “Wam! Bang!” Pow!”
  • Matt’s checks and recs: Homemade BBQ, Assassin’s Creed III
  • Music used: Cannibal Ox, “Atom”

Comics Talked About:

  • Justice League #16
  • Young Avengers #1

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14 thoughts on “Episode 144 – Best and Worst of the X-Men f/ David Brothers and Andrew Wheeler”

  1. More episodes like this one would be great. We download your podcast– we like hearing YOU GUYS talk about comics! We don’t always need a guest.

  2. I really liked this podcast. Also loved the podcast with Khouri about Dan Didio’s top ten DC “achievements.” More round table discussions would be great.

  3. I’m just gonna go out there and say I can’t hate Mister Sinister. Dude has a rocketship shaped like his head hidden inside a robot.

  4. I like the Round Table format. As much as i like the general talk about BBQ and wrestling it’s always good to talk about some comics. Also how could nobody put Cable for Worst Character and also Worst costume? just saying bros cable was aweful.

  5. Also, wasn’t it Chuck Austen that established that the blood from Angel’s wings had healing properties (hence the talk about AIDS)?

  6. This round table was great, definitely do more. I quite enjoy listening to you guys speaking about comics. This episode was especially good because I’ve been trying to read more X-Titles, now I know to definitely never ever read The Draco.

  7. Listening to this one again… Matt, since you loved the naval combat in AC III so much… you must be VERY excited about the upcoming AC IV where you play a full-on pirate captain.

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