Episode 161 – Farm Stuff (the Heroes Con 2013 Audio Sketchbook)

This weekend, Chris and Matt were at Heroes Con 2013, where they decided to do what they called an audio sketchbook. They asked 18 comics creators the same question: What have you seen or heard at a comics convention that left you speechless?

These are their answers.

The Rundown

  • Thanks to: Erica Henderson, Ming Doyle, Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegner, Robert Wilson IV, Jason Horn, Greg Rucka, Jay Potts, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti, Jeremy Dale, Khary Randolph, Sean Murphy, Jamal Igle, Jarrett Williams, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Matt Fraction and Tom Fowler for their stories!
  • Music used: Pierlo, “BMX Hero”

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5 thoughts on “Episode 161 – Farm Stuff (the Heroes Con 2013 Audio Sketchbook)”

  1. Really liked the transition music in this episode. Don’t see “music used” in the rundown this time. Could you add it or post in the comments what that song was?

  2. Im listening to this again, and I CANNOT believe after Ming Doyle’s story about the Cheetara who made out with everyone, no one made the “Thundercats are LOOSE” joke.

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