Episode 163 – Part of the Patriarchy f/Jamal Igle

This week we’re welcoming Molly Danger writer/artist Jamal Igle to the show! We’ll discuss the exact number of M’s on Molly’s costume, Supergirl’s shorts and how emotional people got about them, character design, why it’s not worth it to pretend you’ve read something you haven’t, and much more! Plus, a Superman-movie-themed installment of the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Age of Ultron #10
  • Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Hordak #1
  • Dream Thief #2

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5 thoughts on “Episode 163 – Part of the Patriarchy f/Jamal Igle”

  1. How could you not hate David Goyer?
    I loathe him… he’s a Hack (a very succesful one).
    I started to hate him with Blade Trinity, but when I saw Flash Foward I concluded he was all noise and no substance.
    You should watch the unborn, and you’ll hate him too.
    I hate him to death.

  2. Jesus, Chris. Just because some comic fans call you a hipster-elitist, doesn’t mean that you have to really apply yourself and come up with something that you’d need to be half brain-dead and have no cultural exposure beyond super-heroes to believe and then say it just to prove them wrong. Congratulations though, “I hate Marlon Brando because I didn’t like him in the Superman movies” definitely does it.

    In fairness, I think there’s abundant evidence that Marlon Brando was always a prima-donna asshole, at least as far back as before the Godfather movies (Francis Ford Coppolla got in giant fights with producers on Godfather and Apocalypse Now over casting him, because they were convinced that he was such a brat that dealing with him would waste enough time and money to affect the bottom line). He was basically proof that the “bunny-ears lawyer” trope actually can happen in reality. But, yeah, there are hundreds of guys in the world that are just as big assholes as Marlon Brando was, none of them made ‘On the Waterfront’, though.

  3. I’m not sure if I love Brando or hate him for refusing to wear pants in the island o doctor moruea

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