Episode 175 – By Hook or by Crook f/Greg Rucka

One of his comics projects, Queen and Country, is reportedly becoming a movie, and one of the comics he wrote for quite a while, Batwoman, was in the news a lot this week, but we’ve got Greg Rucka talking to us about something else entirely: The Prisoner! We dig deep into the classic show and its influences on comics, including Greg’s own work! Plus, a highly musical installment of the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • King’s Watch #1
  • Brain Boy #1
  • Batman: Black and White #1

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7 thoughts on “Episode 175 – By Hook or by Crook f/Greg Rucka”

  1. The Prisoner may indeed be my pick for greatest show ever…

    …if Breaking Bad’s last episode hadn’t just flipped the bird to every other TV show that ever was.

  2. Yeah, I immediately went to look up who did that stupid theme song because I have it burned into my memory that Barenaked Ladies did it. I used to really like them and now I’m so, so…torn.

  3. I think I get why Batman WASN’T a zombie in certain parts of the Neal Adams dream story: He wasn’t a zombie when he was dealing with Batman things in his Batman comfort zone (i.e. punching the Joker and the Penguin). When he had to deal with stuff Batman couldn’t fix as Batman…Voila! Bat Zombie.

  4. FINALLY, after 9 months since the episode came out I’ve watched The Prisoner, and listened to the whole thing. I had stopped right at the beginning of the interview. Loved the show, and loved the talk about it. Thanks for another great recommendation. Specially to you Matt, I’ve liked most of the shows and podcasts you’ve talked about. Just one question: what’s your preferred viewing order for the The Prisoner?

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