Episode 176 – The Crossover Crossover f/The Devastator

To celebrate their new all-crossovers issue, three of the editors from The Devastator magazine, Geoffrey Golden, Amanda Meadows and Asterios Kokkinos, join us to talk about them this week! We get into our first crossovers, why they’re so interesting, why inter-company crossovers beat out intra-, and our absolute favorites!

The Rundown

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2 thoughts on “Episode 176 – The Crossover Crossover f/The Devastator”

  1. Heartbroken over the loss of that second half. Still great stuff though. I would seriously buy 10 copies of any new Dark Claw comic.

  2. Sucks about the lost episode. Too bad.

    Off the top of your head, do you remember some of the least favs that were discussed?

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