Episode 179 – Not a Robot Ghost f/Jim Zubkavich

The writer of Skullkickers and the brand new Samurai Jack series from IDW, Jim Zubkavich, is our guest this week! We talk about Halloween, what makes a great horror story, the melting pot of genres that is Samurai Jack, hearing established character voices in one’s head while writing, and much more! Plus, a spooooooky wrestling themed-love haters!

The Rundown

  • Follow Jim on Twitter!
  • The first season of Samurai Jack is on Netflix. Watch it!
  • Sidekicks is a movie with an imaginary Chuck Norris.
  • Kyle Starks’ Frankenstein comic is seriously amazing. Go read it.
  • Hey, sorry about the sound quality stuff this episode, guys. I blame the new Skype update.
  • Chris’ check and rec: NYCC, Pokemon X
  • Matt’s check and rec: Not being in Geek magazine, Fables: The Wolf Among Us
  • Music used: Moshing Samurai, “Raging Spirit”

Comics Talked About:

  • Boo! #2
  • Hawkeye #13
  • Rocket Girl #1

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4 thoughts on “Episode 179 – Not a Robot Ghost f/Jim Zubkavich”

  1. I will not read the current Hawkeye series because it is about Hawkeye, and the Hawkeye Matt Fraction writes is not the one that I know and enjoy. I have no interest in an incompetent Hawkeye who mixes up his arrows to drive a story. I have no interest in a continually injured Hawkeye who cannot keep up with his super peers. The thing that, for me, makes Hawkeye work is that he has got no superpowers, just that bow and arrows and a through the roof skill level, and he can be a mainstay of the best superteam on Earth. He comes out untouched because he’s JUST THAT GOOD. Busiek’s Avengers run Hawkeye. And the fantastic Hawkeye on the Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon, where, having an arrow fired at him, catching it and throwing it back, after the assailant gasps “Impossible! No one’s that good!” Hawkeye replies, “Guess what? I am.” And lays him out with one punch. That guy. And Matt Fraction doesn’t WRITE that guy. It’s disappointing to me.

  2. @Gary: I think you just listed every reason why pre-Fraction Hawkeye is the most uninteresting superhero in the world to me.

  3. @Unda: Unfortunate. You have hit on precisely why I included the “to me” in my post, as well. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye seems to work for a number of people (clearly, as our hosts enjoy it regularly). Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of one of my favorite character’s characterization. Fraction had to break something I really liked to pieces to make something entirely different that you enjoy from it.

    Also, he had to put it in a purple Arsenal costume for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s on Fraction, though.

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