Episode 190 – Pokemon, Gimme a Hell Yeah f/Mike Lawrence


Comedian Mike Lawrence joins us for this week’s show to talk about doing comedy at comic conventions, being heckled by the Hulk, telling jokes about wrestling and comics in clubs, the Clone Saga being like cocaine, who’ll win the Royal Rumble even though it already happened last night, whether superhero movies make it easier to do comedy about comics, and much more! Plus, three more things get added to the list of Every Story Ever!

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Comics Talked About:

  • Hawkeye #16
  • Earthward
  • Buzz

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3 thoughts on “Episode 190 – Pokemon, Gimme a Hell Yeah f/Mike Lawrence”

  1. Great episode this week! Mike is a great guest on many of the other podcasts he’s done recently and hope he’s on again in the future.

    And just to lend Matt a hand, here’s the list as of the end of the episode of the Every Story Ever:

    Batman Year One
    COPRA vol. 1
    Batman No Man’s Land
    Secret Six
    Spider-Man 2099
    Maximum Carnage
    Civil War
    Heroes Reborn
    New 52 Suicide Sqaud
    Maximum Cloneage
    Identity Crisis

  2. Jeremy Parish, writer of Anatomy of a Game (or at least the main writer and editor, not sure) is a known quantity on the internet. He makes a pretty awesome podcast along with two other guys called Retronauts, which goes through the history of various videogames each episode. It’s good stuff!

    I assume you havent heard of it, but maybe I’m wrong

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