Episode 205 – Everything Can Betray You f/Jai Nitz


Our guest this week is Dream Thief and Toshiro writer Jai Nitz! We talk at length about Hellboy, John Byrne, getting con commissions, and eventually even a little bit about his comics. Plus, three more entries are added to our list of Every Story Ever!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Futures End #1
  • Rat Queens #6
  • Moon Knight #3

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4 thoughts on “Episode 205 – Everything Can Betray You f/Jai Nitz”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Darwyn Cooke should’ve done a Martian Manhunter series after reading New Frontier. He was easily the most interesting character in that book.

    Also I forgot that Wildcat boxed Muhammad Ali. Instead my mind always goes to how that series depicted Steel as a dude who killed KKK members, which makes that the coolest version of Steel I’m aware of.

  2. The Ted Grant New Frontier parts are awesome. Mostly because Wildcat is pretty much awesome in everything but it’s also a beautiful looking page.

  3. When I read your tweet and you were expecting hate I was expecting you guys to put New Frontier down in the dregs*. But it’s still in the top 25, I’m ok with that and am baffled if you end up getting hate for it.

    Been a while since I read TDKR, but was Superman really that bad? Aside from him being Reagan’s stooge, the two things that pop to mind are the scene of him going into a Frank Miller ‘I love this thing like it was a woman’ speech about the Sun and the Earth after the nuke was dropped, which I dunno, came off as a nice scene that painted him as a good guy.
    Also the wink at the end. I’m honestly surprised Miller left in the wink if his stated goal was to destroy the World’s Finest’s friendship, since that kind of solidifies it?

    *like Supreme Power, which I personally enjoyed but I understand that I am a bad person and live with my taste 😛

  4. Also I sent in an email that had 4 things in it, but put in a condition to only use 1 to swap another thing out if either of you just straight up hadn’t read one of the comics on the list.

    So do I have to resend my list but without that condition?

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