Episode 210 – Live From The Hotel


It’s our annual special from the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC! Join us for about 45 minutes of revelry with Chad Bowers from the Westin Hotel, and check out the show notes below to watch the videos we discuss!

We’ll be back with a guest and Every Story Ever next week!

The Rundown

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2 thoughts on “Episode 210 – Live From The Hotel”

  1. I’ve been to Wizard World Chicago once or twice since C2E2 started and once before. All the comics people seem to have completely abandoned it for C2E2 and it’s 95% a media con at this point.

    And, yes, it is outside of the city by the airport, but only ~30 minute train ride from the downtown area. It’s also where the big anime con is held (ACEN) and it is packed all weekend with events lasting long past midnight, so location doesn’t seem to be a factor for attendence.

  2. I saw Lawler at C2E2 this year and he was really nice. He was holding court telling stories with a small crowd while signing and he looked really happy to be there.

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