Episode 212 – Being There f/ Brandon Stroud

Meet_Me_There_movie_poster_official_one_sheet_web_sizedBrandon Stroud, writer of With Leather’s “Best and Worst of Raw” column and the new horror movie Meet Me There, joins us for this week’s show! We talk about wooing Dustin Rhodes and Jill Thompson to be in his movie, Rob Liefeld, how Todd McFarlane’s art is like fashion, what it’s like to write a low-budget movie, and much more! Plus, three more entries to our ever-growing list of Every Story Ever!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Superman Unchained #7
  • Legendary Star-Lord #1
  • Robocop #1

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4 thoughts on “Episode 212 – Being There f/ Brandon Stroud”

    1. There were also four made for TV movies in 2001, known as the Prime Directives series. They’re VERY low budget but I enjoyed them enough to grab them on DVD.

  1. You guys. That episode of the Brady Bunch is one of the formative creative references in this young idiot’s life. This warmed my heart.

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