Episode 213 – The Thunder Rolls


As a thunderstorm crashes around them, Matt and Chris add a whole bunch of new stories to their list of Every Story Ever this week!

The Rundown

  • Here’s a gallery of the covers to the 2003 Mark Millar/Terry Dodson miniseries Trouble.
  • Be sure to order Cruzader from your local comic shop! The Diamond order code is JUL141266!
  • Chris’ check and rec: Dying iMac, Guacamelee
  • Matt’s check and rec: San Diego jitters, Strider

Comics Talked About:

  • New Suicide Squad #1
  • Armor Hunters #1
  • Scooby-Doo Team Up #5
  • Bat-Manga #1

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6 thoughts on “Episode 213 – The Thunder Rolls”

  1. I love Hitman so much. I was going to submit a list of comics that made me cry consisting entirely of hitman stories.

    Also Frakes Fact: when you look into Jonathan Frakes’ eyes he tastes your pain, smells your fear, and sees your weakness.

  2. I think Preacher is very patchy–parts of it are as good as anything Ennis has ever done, and some of it drags, and some it aims for outrageous and lands on dumb. Hitman, despite its outlandish mix of farce and John Woo, was a much more controlled work. And Punisher is more deliberately single-toned than either and, to my eyes, more effective for it.

    But Ennis’s best work is War Stories/Battlefields (and you could throw in Enemy Ace, which is basically exactly the same project) and even if he had never done anything else, I’d love him for that.

    Since Millar keeps coming up, I keep wondering if either of you has read Superior or Starlight, which are both “Good Mark” books (as opposed to the “Oh I’m So Naughty Mark” books, which are generally dreadful).

  3. Oh, and I completely forgot–among its ASTONISHING number of other flaws, it simply does not make sense for May Parker to have been ~17 when Peter was born. That would make her only 33-35 during the Ditko run, which is absurd. So every part of it is ill-conceived.

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