Episode 216 – Breakin’ 100 (ESE Special)


We’re back from San Diego with another all-Every Story Ever special!

The Rundown:

  • Chris’ checks and recs: Sunday at San Diego, New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Tournament
  • Matt’s checks and recs: Beach trip follies, Analyze Phish

Comics Reviewed:

  • Hawkeye #19
  • Detective Comics Annual #3
  • Bodies #1

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4 thoughts on “Episode 216 – Breakin’ 100 (ESE Special)”

  1. Great, you used my list! Thank you for that!

    FYI, you pronounced my name… let’s say well enough for an American. ^^

    Got to say, I was a bit surprised Chris tried to put Supreme above All Star Superman considering what he said in one of his earlier Ask Chris.

    Also surprised you seemed to like Cosmic Odyssey that much. It is obviously filled with awesome scenes but it also has Batman using a gun and it completely butchers the concept of the Anti-Life equation (Starlin would go on to literally butcher the rest of the Fourth World twenty years later with Death of the New Gods).

  2. Legion is a sort of like when you were a high school kid, you were at a fictional crossroads and given the choice of following Lord of the Rings or Dune books, and you chose Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Legion of Superheroes is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (btw…Dune is X-Men and LoTR is New Teen Titans). It is an acquired taste, but one that seems formed when you were developing your taste, not when your taste has already been developed. Great call on placing Great Darkness Saga right below Days of Future’s Past. If you have Judas Contract right around that, you’d basically have my childhood heartbreaks in a row.

  3. I have to say, I’m pretty sure I’ve never disagreed with your aesthetic pronouncements more than when you casually referred to Jim Starlin’s Batman as “great”. I summed up that era as “Max Collins broke Jason Todd, Jim Starlin ruined him, and then everyone was so disgusted they voted to kill him.” I’m pretty sure “A Death in the Family” is the worst Batman story I’ve ever read, and the whole run made me stop reading Batman stories for years. I still get little tremors of rage when I think about it.

    My assessment of Cosmic Odyssey is only slightly higher; I absolutely love the Fourth World, but CO left me thinking “Maybe it’s just time to call it quits on that.” Starlin did much better work later and there have been good Fourth World stories and series later as well (Simonson’s Orion probably being the highest point), but Jesus did CO just plain stink.

    On the other hand, your comments about Stormwatch vs. The Authority and the Moore “Superman” books were great.

  4. More shots from the side:

    I forgot to mention that Chris’s description of exactly why and how “The Great Darkness Saga” works so well, both in the context of the Legion and in general, was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I have a huge sentimental attachment to that story–it is literally the comic that got me “back into comics” in 1982.

    Also, I’ve mentioned before that Rob Liefeld didn’t “get Alan Moore back into comics”. He pulled Alan back into *superhero* comics, but after he left DC in 1987 right through the present day, there’s never been a year in which he didn’t publish some non-superhero comics. From Hell alone spans 1989-1998, and League (which Moore says is not a superhero book, though it totally obviously is) picks up right after that and goes to the present.

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