Episode 221 – Theme Park For Babies (ESE Special)

Chris and Matt are back with another Every Story Ever special!

The Rundown:

  • Be sure to go hear Chris and Matt on the Just One More Thing podcast!
  • Chris’ checks and recs: Heading to King of Trios, NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way
  • Matt’s checks and recs: WWE Supercard, Columbo

Comics Reviewed:

  • Hawkeye #20
  • Copperhead #1
  • Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1

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6 thoughts on “Episode 221 – Theme Park For Babies (ESE Special)”

  1. I hate that all these guys in nxt have these fake ethnic neutral names. The nxt roster reads like a bunch of Jewish guys trying to get into a country club.

  2. Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7 is one of my favorite comics of all time. I was surprised that your discussion of it did not include FF #40, “The Battle of the Baxter Building!”, as it features Dr. Doom unleashing his full arsenal on Ben Grimm to no avail, and when he tells the Thing he must fall, why doesn’t he fall, Ben responds with “Mister, maybe I’m just to DUMB to collapse — too UGLY to die!! I’ll let YOU figure out the reasons…!” Very much the predecessor to DeFalco’s Thing fight with the Champion.

    The Champion does not have the Power Gem in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7. He does have it in his fight with She-Hulk in Dan Slott’s run. He kicks out Thor in the Annual because of the hammer. This becomes the basis of She-Hulk’s using the “No foreign objects” rule to ban the Power Gem from the ring in her second fight with the Champion.

    Marvels is better than Secret Wars, and Chris’ laughter seems to imply that he knows his love of that book is a bit irrational! Perhaps it is simply a love of exclamation points! Goodness knows Secret Wars has enough of them! (Go ahead, read it again. I don’t think there’s a period in that thing.)

  3. I still like Kingdom Come, but I definitely agree that it’s reputation is overblown. I remember getting into a discussion about it with some non-comics readers friends and they said that it is responsible for ending the Dark Age of comics. I have no doubt it had an effect, but the idea that it ended seems like some major revisionist history. Possibly by Wizard.

  4. This is past due, but I just feel the need to point this out: the entirety of Zot has not been recently collected. The complete black and white misses the first 9 issues, where all of the main characters and most of the villains are introduced. There’s also a new webcomic by Scott McCloud on his website somewhere.

    I like Zot, though both the first 9 issues and a good chunk of the black and white run just read as tedious. It really clicked when Zot got trapped in the “real world”, which was the final five issues of the comic, and the focus shifted to the real world characters.

  5. Hm I really liked Justice. It’s a cool story, though I can see where just the concept: “Gritty Superfriends” seems offputting. But it didn’t really read like that to me. Just felt like a big, cool, cinematic JLA vs LOD fight. I am a big fan of Alex Ross though.

  6. I went and read M2i1 Annual #7 on your recommendation and holy fuck I had forgotten how horrible a writer Tom DeFalco is. I can understand wanting to like this story, but it is pretty much the perfect examplar of how DeFalco’s stories are third-rate rehashes of Lee & Kirby written in fourth-rate Roy Thomas patter. There’s nothing in this comic that couldn’t have been done well. There’s almost nothing in it that is except perhaps the one emotional beat of the climax itself.

    Other than that, loved the episode–I enjoy ESE disproportionately. I think you underrated Zot!, but hey, tastes vary.

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