Episode 229 – Loose and Free (ESE Special)

We’ve got the eye of the tiger with another Every Story Ever special!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Gotham Academy #2
  • Tooth & Claw #1
  • Grayson #4

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3 thoughts on “Episode 229 – Loose and Free (ESE Special)”

  1. I went to a high school that was right next to a cemetery (they shared a fence). I grew up living in the condos behind the cemetery and remember going with my parents through the cemetery to cut through the fence and play on the school’s track before we moved away.

    Never thought much about it…

  2. I love the show, am a regular listener, and a frequent contributor, but that “chili” recipe is an abomination. Sounds like a delicious stew though.

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