Episode 230 – The Worst Food f/ Nolan T. Jones


Our guest this week is Nolan T. Jones, one of the co-founders of Roll20 and the writer of the new digital comic Colonial Souls! We talk with him about mashing up genres, writing comics that do things readers don’t expect, assembling a creative team, tabletop gaming (natch), Kanye West, and much more! Plus, more Every Story Ever entries!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Django/Zorro #1
  • Superior Iron Man #1
  • All-New Captain America #1

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2 thoughts on “Episode 230 – The Worst Food f/ Nolan T. Jones”

  1. Your memory of Hereafter’s wall is 180 degrees from what it was. The wall is keeping Ben out of Heaven. He’s in the anteroom for Heaven, but the thing keeping him out is originally disguised as a (Kirbytech) Reed Richards machine that won’t let him die. It is then revealed to be the Thing’s hide, meaning that BEN GRIMM WILL NOT LET BEN GRIMM DIE. It’s another revelation of just how much the Thing will not ever give up, no matter how hopeless it may look. If he can keep going, he will keep going.

  2. Superior Iron Man is specifically an Axis tie-in. The short version is they cast a spell that was supposed to change Red Onslaught’s personality to Professor X, but it also flipped the D&D character alignment of all of the characters present. So all the heroes become evil and all the villains turn heroic. I hear that the Carnage and Hobgoblin tie-ins are great, but you might want to pass on Mighty Avengers unless you want to see Sam Wilson act like a fascist.

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