Episode 277 – Live From Spooky Mansion 2015 f/Benito Cereno


Our old pal Benito Cereno, writer of Hector Plasm, Tick: New Series, Tales from the Bully Pulpit and more, joins us once again for our Halloween spooktacular! We talk about movies to watch (of course), Universal monsters, Carman (as tradition dictates), logo parody t-shirts, and so much more! Plus, we take a spooky listener question!

The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Justice League #45
  • Gotham Academy #11
  • Clean Room #1


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6 thoughts on “Episode 277 – Live From Spooky Mansion 2015 f/Benito Cereno”

  1. I’ll predict Matt & Marlene will be Agent Cooper and the Log Lady. The only thing that came to mind for Chris and Aidan is Makoto and Ami, with Chris dying his hair blue, and hopefully carrying around a hamburger to imitate that one picture. …I’m probably not correct.

  2. I’m going to guess that Chris and Aidan are going as Rogue and Gambit. Not sure about Matt and Marlene.

    Also, can you post the codes for those murder mystery Mario Maker stages? They sound fascinating.

  3. My first thought was Twin Peaks-based, too. Maybe Dale and Denise.
    After all of Chris’ exuberance about Mario Maker I cracked and bout it. What are the codes for the murder mystery levels and are there any other recommendations you guys have?

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