Episode 338 – Garfield Ranks Big (Panel President Special)

Chris is back from the high seas and we’re ranking some characters! At least one big fat cat makes the list after lots of uncertainty, and several other favorites come up, too. Plus, hear about the Fan2Sea cruise from a cruiser himself!

The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Detective Comics #949
  • Kamandi Challenge #1
  • Loose Ends #1

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One thought on “Episode 338 – Garfield Ranks Big (Panel President Special)”

  1. Man, I have a lot of fun with Panel President, but very few things make me laugh out loud. “I don’t wanna put him above Ni- I’m NOT putting him above Nightcrawler” got me good. Like Matt was considering Cyclops and then remembered that it’s Cyclops.

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