Every Story Ever Special: February 2017

You demanded it, so we’re ranking Holy Terror in this month’s story-ranking special! And eventually we get to some other stories.

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One thought on “Every Story Ever Special: February 2017”

  1. Well, thanks for doing the hard work of reading and ranking ‘Holy Terror’, a comic I’d decided not to read, despite having got on the Miller train in that issue where DD fights the Hulk. However, you did tell me about the mysterious underground city in the story. I know Chris has an interest in history podcasts, so I wonder if he has listened to Archyfantasies? It’s hosted by Sara Head, Ken Feder and Jeb Card. It’s about pseudo archaeology and it’s often racist underpinnings, which seem increasingly relevant in the US. It suggests a more unfortunate interpretation of that story point than mere narrative incoherence.

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