Episode 348 – Werewolf Brand f/ Katie Schenkel

For this week’s show, we’re happy to welcome Katie Schenkel, former ComicsAlliance staffer and writer of the digital-first comic series Moonlighters! We talk with Katie about werewolves, why there aren’t so many women lycanthropes in fiction, Draculas, working on a telephone-style project, making online communities happy, monster hunters and a whole lot more! Plus, we answer a listener question that we’d like a little listener input on!

The Rundown:

  • Follow Katie on Twitter!
  • Here’s a code for a free Moonlighters #1! If you use it, please let us know! Moon-5XQLN
  • Werewolf News, for all your werewolf news.
  • Chris’ checks and recs: Writing comics, Southpaw Regional Wrestling
  • Matt’s check and rec: Podcast tour, S-Town
  • Music used: Lucky Star, “Wolf”

Comics Reviewed:

  • Rock Candy Mountain #1
  • Kim Reaper #1
  • Black Cloud #1

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