Episode 350 – Nobody Told Me No f/ Tini Howard

Tini Howard, who you may know from The Magdalena, her work on a WWE backup starring Finn Balor or numerous other comics projects, joins us for our landmark 350th episode this week! We talk about the urban fantasy of WWE, the urban fantasy of The Magdalena, local burger spots, Teen Titans, the best Megazord, Goldar’s self-realization and much more! Plus, we answer an image-conscious listener question!

The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Green Arrow #21
  • All-Star Batman #9
  • Batman #21

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One thought on “Episode 350 – Nobody Told Me No f/ Tini Howard”

  1. If you’re still looking for patreon goal ideas might I suggest ‘a critical re-examination of early Image titles’?

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