Every Story Ever Special: July 2017

Ready for some story rankings? We are, and we even go a little over two hours to make up for last month’s shortened episode (we’ll go over a little again next month).

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One thought on “Every Story Ever Special: July 2017”

  1. The thing that’s always fascinated me about that Captain Cold issue and Johns’s run with the character in general is that in literally every appearance Johns writes, Cold (a) talks about all the rules he set up for the Rogues and (b) breaks at least one, frequently more. The first time it happens, it feels like a cheat, Johns setting up previously-unmentioned-but-plausible rules so he can make breaking them a big deal. As time goes on and it becomes a pattern, I started wondering whether he was doing the same trick over and over or whether the whole idea is that Snart is lying to himself and thinks he’s a lot more honorable and “okay” than he really is but it was done too subtly.

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