Episode 367 – Vamp Crash (Panel President Special)

Chris and Matt are back at it again this week, ranking characters submitted by listeners for the Panel President list! And we’re going edit-free this week, so things are looser than they even normally are!

The Rundown

Comics Reviewed

  • Nightwing: The New Order #1
  • War Mother #1
  • Dead of Winter #1

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3 thoughts on “Episode 367 – Vamp Crash (Panel President Special)”

  1. Oh, they’re journalistically terrible, I write them as tabloids. There’s always a teaser on the first page about how King Boranel (the king of Breland in the Eberron setting) is soft on monsters, or being manipulated by the gnomes.

    Here are the ones I made for the party when we were running through the Carrion Crown adventure path. This was the first one. The majority of text in the main story is taken from a player handout, just rewritten a bit to be more sensational. The smaller front-page story is a report on the party’s previous adventure, and get all of their names wrong. “Gr’garr the Bloody” was actually Gregor, a home-schooled half-orc Cleric :
    who liked to sing church songs:


    “Charmingly dimwitted knife enthusiast” was pretty accurate though.

    Here’s the second one, after the party had cleared the Frankenstein of all charges. I’m particularly proud of my description of them as “a traveling carnival specializing in breaking and entering, vigilante justice, and, curiously, legal services.”


    The “big orcs” in the smaller story were actually trolls, because I figured the average merchant wouldn’t really know what a troll was, as people with 1 level of “Commoner” don’t really encounter creatures with a challenge rating of 5 and live. I do NOT, however, remember why one of them patched the other up, as there’s not a “nice” troll in the published adventure. having doofy enemies playing good cop/bad cop seems pretty in character for me as a DM, though.

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