Episode 415 – The Van Lenteverse f/ Fred Van Lente

This week we’re so pleased to be talking with our pal Fred Van Lente about his new novel, The Con Artist, as well as real-life con experiences (his and others’) that inspired the book, peppering the real and the fictional into the story, comics history, pitching the idea for a Comic-Con murder mystery, writing a book with an unusual structure, future comics work, and much more! Plus, we take a casting-based listener question!

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The Rundown:

  • Follow FredĀ on Twitter!
  • Chris’ check and rec: Birthday, leaving Wizard World Winston-Salem
  • Matt’s check and rec: The From the Ashes Indiegogo, Sorry to Bother You
  • Music used: Spaceman Toby, “Mystery”

Comics Reviewed:

  • Superman #2
  • Fantastic Four #1
  • Black Badge #1

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One thought on “Episode 415 – The Van Lenteverse f/ Fred Van Lente”

  1. I feel like “a brisk constitutional” would be item #1 on Batman’s to do list every morning. Or afternoon, or whenever the hell he wakes up.

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