Episode 442 – Con Diary: NC Comicon Oak City 2019

Matt and Chris were in Raleigh this week for NC Comicon Oak City, and they documented some of it for this week’s show!

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One thought on “Episode 442 – Con Diary: NC Comicon Oak City 2019”

  1. Hey Matt,

    Sorry that you got hit with the double whammy of a layoff and a frustrating con experience. For what it’s worth, I am relatively new to the podcast and have stayed on because of the authentic voice that you and Chris bring to your discussions. Regardless of whether your opinions are positive or negative on a subject or you are dealing with something difficult, I appreciate your honesty and will remain a loyal listener because of it. Best of luck in your job search. Someone out there is going to find out what Matt D. Wilson can do. I don’t know if they will have to mortgage their house one time…two times….maybe even three times to do it, but I know they will.

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