Episode 454 – I Like Games f/ Kieron Gillen

The writer of Die, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Phonogram, The Wicked and the Divine, and so much more joins us for the show this week! We talk gaming, making hobbies into work, the Die Beta, changing the stakes in stories, formalism and so much more!

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The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Justice League #25
  • The Green Lantern #8
  • Batman #72

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One thought on “Episode 454 – I Like Games f/ Kieron Gillen”

  1. I believe Chris vowed to make his new sign-off “the devil is real” , but “we love you” is just a nice send-off after a show.

    I enjoyed getting Matt’s take on Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern. Any chance y’all could offer your thoughts on Shazam! #6 or #7 when it comes out next month?

    Either way, thanks for the fun episode and have a great one.

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